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Jul 31 2016

URBANGARDE collaborates with Yuki Aoyama for Schoolgirl Trauma photobook


URBANGARDE has announced a collaboration with popular Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama, known internationally for his provocative “Schoolgirl Complex” photobook series. The special collection of photos and poems titled “Schoolgirl Trauma” combines the edgy view of the “trauma techno pop” music group with Aoyama’s fetish-focused work. URBANGARDE leader Temma Matsunaga contributed writings and vocalist Yoko Hamasaki …

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May 10 2014

the brilliant green to release self-cover album The Swingin Sixties


The brilliant green will release a self-cover album on July 23 titled The Swingin Sixties. The album will include 10 songs featuring newly recorded music and vocals. Track List: Bye Bye Mr.Mug (from 1st single Bye Bye Mr.Mug) There Will Be Love There (Ai no Aru Basho) (from 1st Album the brilliant green) You & …

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Aug 08 2013

Tommy february6 – Tommy Candy Shop Sugar Me (Review)


Tommy february6 TOMMY CANDY SHOP ♥ SUGAR ♥ ME Review by David Cirone You could easily call TOMMY CANDY SHOP ♥ SUGAR ♥ ME a dance album. Infused with high-energy synthpop, overdub sampling, and chock full of English, Tommy february6′s new release is nightclub-ready from track 1. Produced by Shunsaku Okuda (under the pseudonym Malibu …

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Jul 05 2013

the brilliant green – I’m A Player in TV Games (live)

JRock247-the-brilliant-green-Im-a-Player-in-TV-Games-live-Harry Potter

Retro video (circa 2002) of the brilliant green – I’m A Player In TV Games (live) feat. Tommy dressed as Hermoine from Harry Potter! (extra points for the “Wingardium Leviosa” spell!)

Jul 04 2013

Tommy february6 – SUGAR ♥ ME (PV)


Feb 09 2013

Tommy February6 – Be My Valentine (review)


Tommy February6 Be My Valentine Review by David Cirone Tommy February6 (the brilliant greeen’s Tomoko Kawase) gets the head start on this year’s Valentine’s day holiday with a birthday single, “Be My Valentine.” After my disappointment with her previous holiday-themed release, “Halloween Addiction,” I was worried we’d be in for another hurried, commercially-timed quickie. But …

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Jan 19 2013

Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 – HALLOWEEN ADDICTION (Review)


Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 HALLOWEEN ADDICTION Review by David Cirone As much as I loved “I’m Your Devil (Halloween Remix)” from Tommy’s 2012 release, February and Heavenly, this collection of Halloween-theme-related songs and skits is a sequel that just didn’t need to happen. HALLOWEEN ADDICTION is a mess, and the expanded narrative presence of …

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Oct 03 2012

Tommy february6 – Never Ending Party Night~Why don’t you Come with me? (teasers)

Tommy february6 – Never Ending Party Night~Why don’t you Come with me? (teasers)

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