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May 10 2014

the brilliant green to release self-cover album The Swingin Sixties


The brilliant green will release a self-cover album on July 23 titled The Swingin Sixties. The album will include 10 songs featuring newly recorded music and vocals. Track List: Bye Bye Mr.Mug (from 1st single Bye Bye Mr.Mug) There Will Be Love There (Ai no Aru Basho) (from 1st Album the brilliant green) You & …

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Nov 08 2013

Tommy heavenly6 – RUBY EYES (PV)


Jul 05 2013

the brilliant green – I’m A Player in TV Games (live)

JRock247-the-brilliant-green-Im-a-Player-in-TV-Games-live-Harry Potter

Retro video (circa 2002) of the brilliant green – I’m A Player In TV Games (live) feat. Tommy dressed as Hermoine from Harry Potter! (extra points for the “Wingardium Leviosa” spell!)

Jan 19 2013

Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 – HALLOWEEN ADDICTION (Review)


Tommy february6 & Tommy heavenly6 HALLOWEEN ADDICTION Review by David Cirone As much as I loved “I’m Your Devil (Halloween Remix)” from Tommy’s 2012 release, February and Heavenly, this collection of Halloween-theme-related songs and skits is a sequel that just didn’t need to happen. HALLOWEEN ADDICTION is a mess, and the expanded narrative presence of …

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Sep 13 2012

PicSpam: Tommy Heavenly6


Barfout, Nov 2006

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Mar 24 2012

Tommy February6 / Tommy Heavenly6 – FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY (Review)


Tommy February6 / Tommy Heavenly6 FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY Review by David Cirone Tommy x 2! It doesn’t feel fair to review the two albums separately. I kept experiencing a sharp pangs of infidelity, like secretly dating two sisters. That’s certainly the intention behind the stylistically different personas created a decade ago by Tomoko Kawase. For …

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Mar 02 2012

Tommy February6 – Interview (2012)

Read the Tomoko Kawase interview at Japan Times. “February represents the best parts of my personality and is probably how I’d like people to think I am. But I feel more empathy for Heavenly’s lyrics; I can vent my frustrations, which is invigorating. The girl in The Brilliant Green may seem the most lifelike of …

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Feb 04 2012

Tommy heavenly6 – monochrome rainbow (PV)

Tommy heavenly6 – monochrome rainbow (PV)

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