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DAZZLE VISION on the cover of Pinhead magazine

DAZZLE VISION on the cover of Tokyo’s Pinhead music magazine, distributed at Tower Records, Disk Union, Village Vanguard, and local live houses and rehearsal studios. (photo taken at Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh)

exist†trace new single “Diamond” is Tower Records exclusive

exist†trace announced a news single release “Diamond”, available exclusively at Tower Records in Japan. Release date: July 3. The new song “Diamond” will come with 2 additional songs, plus karaoke and instrumental versions (9 tracks total). CD/DVD version includes Jyou-only and miko-only vocals. http://www.exist-trace.com/news exist†trace will appear live in America at A-Kon 2013, May 31-June …

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DAZZLE VISION at Tower Records Shinjuku

DAZZLE VISION in-store performance and autograph event at Tower Records, Shinjuku, Tokyo. Promotion event for “SHOCKING LOUD VOICE” 2012-05-27