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Nov 25 2018

URBANGARDE takes charge of history in new music video Shoujo Gannen


Japanese trauma techno pop band URBANGARDE has released the music video for “Shoujo Gannen” (“Girls Year One”), the lead track from their new album Ai to Gensou no URBANGARDE (“URBANGARDE of Love and Fantasy”), released on November 21. With the Heisei Era coming to a close on April 30, 2019, URBANGARDE proclaims the next era …

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Nov 02 2018

URBANGARDE releases Ai to Gensou no URBANGARDE jacket art and bonus live video


Japanese trauma techno pop band URBANGARDE has revealed the jacket art from their next album, Ai to Gensou no URBANGARDE (“URBANGARDE of Love and Fantasy”). The regular edition is illustrated by Japanese subculture artist Suehiro Maruo, and the limited edition features a quietly eerie pose of vocalist Yoko Hamasaki couched on silver balloons cradling her …

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Oct 02 2018

URBANGARDE celebrates Tokyo subculture at Utsu Fes 2018


Japanese trauma techno pop band URBANGARDE presented the 5th annual UTSU FES (Depression Festival) on September 8, 2018 at Tsutaya O-East. The eight-hour, all-day music festival featured performances by URBANGARDE and an exciting list of guest stars from a wide variety of alternative genres, including SPANK HAPPY, PASSPO☆, Eren-chan, R-Shitei, Maison book girl, Kenji Ohtsuki, …

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Sep 05 2018

URBANGARDE announces compilation album Ai to Gensou no URBANGARDE


Japanese trauma techno pop band URBANGARDE has announced the release date of the their next album, Ai to Gensou no URBANGARDE (“URBANGARDE of Love and Fantasy”). Due for release on November 21, 2018, the first-press limited edition of the album will also contain the DVD of URBANGARDE’s 10th anniversary concert “KEKKON SHIKI” recorded live at …

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Jul 27 2018

URBANGARDE – Interview (2018)


URBANGARDE Interview by David Cirone July 26, 2018 Japanese “trauma techno-pop” band URBANGARDE has been pushing the envelope for a decade, and they recently marked their 10-year anniversary with a knockout celebration in Tokyo, “KEKKON SHIKI”. With years of experience behind them and increasing support from fans worldwide, their visual concepts and challenging ideas remain …

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May 01 2018

URBANGARDE renews vows with fans at KEKKON SHIKI anniversary event


Japanese rock group URBANGARDE celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a spectacle-filled concert titled “KEKKON SHIKI” at Nakano Sun Plaza on April 8, 2018. Vocalist Yoko Hamasaki surprised the sold-out audience by entering the stage to an EDM arrangement of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” in a custom bridal outfit adorned with URBANGARDE’s signature red polka dots. As …

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Apr 04 2018

URBANGARDE expands 10th Anniversary celebration with fashion and music events


URBANGARDE’s 10th anniversary album Shoujo Fiction (“Girl Fiction”) was released worldwide on April 4, featuring the new song “Atashi Fiction” and popular hits such as “Akumade Akuma” and “Femme Fata Fantasy“. URBANGARDE’s special 10th anniversary “Kekkon Shiki” concert event at Nakano Sun Plaza on April 8th is sold out, and a special fashion exhibition “Girl’s …

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Mar 01 2018

URBANGARDE releases 10th Anniversary music video Atashi Fiction


URBANGARDE has released their new music video “Atashi Fiction”, the lead track from their upcoming 10th anniversary album Shoujo Fiction (“Girl Fiction”) scheduled for release on April 4, 2018. Revisiting URBANGARDE’s trademark red-and-white polka-dot imagery, the band reflects on their past and present in a dramatic shower of music CDs. URBANGARDE – “Atashi Fiction”

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Jan 31 2018

URBANGARDE announces 10th anniversary album Shoujo Fiction


URBANGARDE will release their 10th anniversary album Shoujo Fiction (“Girl Fiction”) on April 4, 2018. Since the 2008 release of Shoujo wa Nido Shinu (“Girls Only Live Twice”), which introduced vocalist Yoko Hamasaki as a bloody, sword-wielding schoolgirl in “Don’t Take Off Your Sailor Fuku“, URBANGARDE has built a dedicated international following for their outrageous …

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Oct 30 2017

Yoko Hamasaki – Interview (2017)


Yoko Hamasaki Interview by David Cirone October 30, 2017 It’s been over a year since the release of Yoko Hamasaki’s second solo album, Blue Forest, and both the album and performer are still going strong, with even more solo events announced in Japan and increased attention from overseas fans. J-Rock fans have been privy to …

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