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URBANGARDE – Umaretemitai (short) (PV)

That belly is disturbing. I don’t wanna see what’s coming out of there–

URBANGARDE – Live at Shibuya Quattro

…When the giant baby comes out, it’s GAME OVER-! – Photo Gallery on URBANGARDE Website

Urbangarde – Kizu Darake No Maria (PV)

Urbangarde – Kizu Darake No Maria (PV) アーバンギャルド - 傷だらけのマリア Slit wrists. Exorcisms. Kung-fu babies. Polka dots. Japanese punk indies CRAZY.


2010 B&W ad for URBANGARDE “Shojo no Shomei” 少女の証明 …All the right kinds of spooky.