WING WORKS in London for HYPER JAPAN 2015

HYPER JAPAN will present the first London performance of WING WORKS on November 27-29th during its Christmas Market in Tobacco Dock, London. In 2015, WING WORKS made its overseas debut at Paris Manga in February, followed by an appearance in Switzerland for JapAniManga Night. Now, RYO:SUKE will return to Europe for a debut in London, …

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WING WORKS Overseas Debut at Paris Manga 2015

Unbounded Records will present WING WORKS’ overseas debut performance at Paris Manga convention, February 7-8th. WING WORKS was produced in September 2012 as the solo project of ex-Lolita23q member, RYO:SUKE. With the former bassist taking on the role of front-man and vocalist, the project is now backed by support members called “WING MEN” who are …

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WING WORKS releases FIXXTION BOY music video

WING WORKS has released the music video for the single titled “FIXXTION BOY.” Originally a live limited release available only through THE LIVE WORKS #2 tour dates, listeners around the globe can now view the song on WING WORKS’ official YouTube channel. The video features a live performance of the song on November 8th, 2014 …

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WING WORKS Interview (2014)

WING WORKS Interview by Jen Wang June 15, 2014 WING WORKS recently released a DVD of three interconnected PVs and some live footage titled CINEMA WING -The Chronicle Movies-. RYO:SUKE took the time to talk about the story behind those videos, social media, and one of the hottest anime in Japan. The three PVs in …

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WING WORKS to release CINEMA WING -The Chronicle Movies- DVD

WING WORKS will release a DVD entitled “CINEMA WING -The Chronicle Movies-” on June 4th, 2014. The release will contain a trilogy of music videos which depict the current WING WORKS concept and storyline. Additionally, the DVD will also contain live and backstage footage from WING WORKS’ special live, “The Resurrection of FENNIX” at Takadanobaba …

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WING WORKS draws upon a lot of religious and historical imagery to make a dramatic debut with “VAD†MAN”.