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Piggy Banks – Shubiduba Inn (MV)

Someone finally managed to lock up Piggy Banks’ Yoko Yazawa for all of 5 seconds in the band’s new highway-cruising jam “Shuibuduba Inn”.

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Piggy Banks – Funky Monkey Ladies (MV)

Piggy Banks lays down a sweet soul groove in “Funky Monkey Ladies”. Don’t let the drumming pig and batshit crazy mid-son monkey break fool you — Piggy Banks is all the rock and then some.

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Piggy Banks – Zombie Boy (MV)

Piggy Banks, the new female rock band led by Yoko Yazawa, and some green screen are all that’s standing between us and the zombie apocalypse in “Zombie Boy”, the first single from the band’s debut album Time Thriller. Yes, that’s GO!GO!7188’s Akko back on bass duty, and if that doesn’t save the world, I don’t …

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Yoko Yazawa – Lady No. 5 (Review)

Yoko Yazawa Lady No. 5 Review by David Cirone Lady No. 5 is another great vocal showcase for Yoko Yazawa, who continues to come into her own with 6 more songs in a fast follow up to 2013’s Bad Cat EP. Produced by L.A.’s Toshi Yanagi (of Jimmy Kimmel fame), opening track “Naked Love” rocks …

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Yoko Yazawa – Bad Cat (Review)

Bad Cat Yoko Yazawa Review by David Cirone Powerhouse pop-punk vocalist Yoko Yazawa always brings her A-game, but the heavy production on title cut “Bad Cat” works against Yazawa’s natural earthy style. While it’s clearly the most commercial choice to be featured as the 5-track EP’s music video, it easily falls into Paula Abdul territory …

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Yoko Yazawa – Bad Cat (MV)

Yoko Yazawa – Interview (2013)

Yoko Yazawa Interview by David Cirone February 4, 2013 On your new EP ROUTE 405, you cover Suzy Quatro’s song, “Wild One.” When did you first get the idea to record it? Did you ever perform the song live before recording it for ROUTE 405? Yazawa: I’ve been performing “Wild One” at live shows for …

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Yoko Yazawa and The Plasmars – ROUTE 405 (Review)

Yoko Yazawa and The Plasmars ROUTE 405 Review by David Cirone Yoko Yazawa isn’t pretending — she’s 100% rock and her authenticity in this 5-song EP is really magnetic. Opening track “ROSY” has a catchy chorus and rapid, confident vocals. The band mix is excellent, and you get the feeling you’re in the studio with …

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Yoko Yazawa and The Plasmars – ROSY (PV)

New look for Yoko Yazawa

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